A car detailer service is similar to giving your car a pampering and little “R&R” for the day. During this service they will use different specialty tools and products to ensure that your entire car from the inside out is clean and looking good. This is an all-around kind of service because it will help maintain the condition of your car and check for any possible issues that may be present. All you have to do is find an auto shop that gives the best quality service at the best price. 

Paint care is one of the most important and vital part of the detailing service for your car. Your car’s paint job is the most seen and delicate part, this is easily prone to fading paint and scratches. They will first give your car a nice bath, making sure it is squeaky clean and free from any dirt and grime. After properly drying it, they will add a special product that will free the paint from any contaminants that the naked eye won’t notice like metal particles. The last thing they will do is apply wax and carefully polish your car until it is shining bright and looking pretty. 

The Chassis and wheel are properly cleaned and protected as well. They will make sure that the outer layer and the inner areas of the wheels are cleaned and free from and debris that may affect their quality. They also make sure to check your suspension and inner fender lines are free from any damage before cleaning them and adding a layer plastic protectant. This step will ensure that the metal areas avoid experiencing gunk accumulation and corrosion. 

Your head and tail lights are important feature of your car and can keep you safe during your night drives. During auto detailing services they will make sure that they will polish and shine to improve the brightness of your lights. They will also make sure that your lights are intact and will apply sealant to secure your headlights to your car and make sure it doesn’t fall off. 

Engine bay is the space in your car’s hood where the engine is laid down. Not a lot of auto shops take this into consideration, but it will help prevent damage to your engine if you have this cleaned. Auto Detailing will make sure that it is rinsed down with water to clear the dirt and oil, it is then thoroughly cleaned with a degreaser component before washing it off with water again. They will make sure that they coat all the rubber and plastic components with a sealant to strengthen it and avoid it from cracking. 

If you want to take your car in to have it services, you can expect it to range from $100 to $200 and it will depend on the quality of the auto shop you will choose. You can expect it to be more expensive if you want them to apply top brands of shampoo and other car products for an extra shine. It will be worth investing in these products because the effects last longer and it has more protection compared to other lower quality brands.